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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

The only continuously forward-deployed MEU

Okinawa, Japan
What's new with the MEU

BLT 2/5 Marines participate in large-scale assault during Ssang Yong 2014

By Sgt. Jonathan Wright | April 08, 2014

Thousands of rounds fly downrange as three platoons of Marines rush to their positions. Howitzers thunder in the distance while the rattle of machine guns echo off the sides of the valley. The gunfire is the symphony that accompanies the choreography of Marines as they advance.  Marines with Company E., Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 5th MORE

Foothold: Company G seizes K-3 Airfield during Ssang Yong ‘14

By Cpl. Henry Antenor | April 05, 2014

As soon as the back door to the CH-53E Super Stallion opens, Marines and sailors rush out fully geared with large packs on their shoulders and rifles at ready. Underneath their thudding boots, the pavement on airfield spread wide and far.    Marines with Company G, Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Regimental Landing Team MORE
31st MEU Marines spend the day with orphans in Pohang

31st MEU Marines spend day with orphans in Pohang

By Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. | April 05, 2014

Twenty-four Marines and sailors from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit joined a handful of Marines from Marine Corps Base Camp Mujuk to help the Pohang Orphanage commemorate the Arbor Day holiday here, April 5.   The group was put to work as soon as they arrived, with a dozen assigned to clearing land around the orphanage. Debris, brush and tree MORE
Command Operations Center

31st MEU Command Element moves ashore to command ground forces for Ssang Yong 2014

By Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. | April 02, 2014

Approximately 130 Marines and Sailors of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Command Element established a command operations center ashore in support of their role for Exercise Ssang Yong here, April 2.  The 31st MEU’s CE took command of the 13th MEUs Battalion Landing Team and numerous other ground combat elements on March 31 to form Regimental MORE
Automatic security

3d MEB integrates 31st MEU for forcible entry in Korea

By Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. | April 01, 2014

The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit has begun its participation in the large-scale amphibious training of Exercise Ssang Yong 2014, but it does so in pieces.   Elements of the 31st MEU participated in a simulated forcible entry operation here March 31, serving multiple roles as part of the 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade. Battalion Landing Team 2nd MORE
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