Commander's Vision
Commander's Vision Statement


Mission First: General Berger gave clear intent and direction in his Commandant’s Planning Guidance, much of which speaks directly to III MEF and the 31st MEU. We are one of his primary instruments capable of deterring malign behavior and, when necessary, fighting inside the adversary’s weapons engagement zone to facilitate sea denial / control in support of the Fleet. Our focus in all things is the honorable execution of this mission. 

People Always: “To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less.” The most important characteristic of any organization is trust. Everyone in the 31st MEU is a leader. At the end of each day ask yourself what you did to serve the people you are blessed to lead. 

Warrior ethos: We are United States Marines and Sailors. We must be mentally, physically, and spiritually tough. We will continually harden our minds and bodies for the fight to come. We will do this through intense physical training, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and realistic combat training.  The 31st MEU wins. Always.

Teamwork: To win we must eliminate stovepipes and operate as a team across the MEU, within the MEF, alongside the Navy, and with our joint partners and allies. The old adage, “What do I know? Who needs to know? Have I told them?” is a good place to start. If we clearly and consistently communicate at all levels, and people understand how their actions contribute to a higher purpose, we will be able to identify and resolve issues quickly while we maintain high morale. One team, one fight. 

Balanced excellence: I want you to leave this command better than when you got here. Simply striving to be a better man or woman will make us all better Marines/Sailors, spouses, parents, and citizens. I will publish our calendar, make every effort to minimize changes, and afford you time to be present with your family and experience what our unique location has to offer. I am confident we will accomplish our mission and have some fun. 

I am humbled and honored to be on your team. I will do my best to execute my duties in a way that represents you, our unit, our Corps, our nation, and my family well. I expect the same from each of you.

These are my initial expectations. If you have questions, find me.

- Michael R. Nakonieczny, Col., USMC