What is Family Readiness?

What is the Family Readiness Program?

The Family Readiness Program is an integral part of the Marine Corps' family readiness program, and serves as the primary communication link between the 31st MEU Commanding Officer and the families of the Marines and Sailors assigned to the MEU. The Family Readiness Program supports the spouses of the unit Marines by providing communication from the command, serving as a source for information and referral services and by helping foster a sense of community within the unit.

How can Family Readiness Program help me?

The Family Readiness Program assists the families of deployed Marines and Sailors in several ways, including:

1.     Keeping you informed. While the units are deployed, the Family Readiness Program is the means by which families receive all official messages from the command. Heard that the MEU is leaving early? Coming home late? Somewhere dangerous? If you want the true scoop, go to your Family Readiness Assistant as they will have the latest information direct from the unit and can help dispel any rumors. This way, you don't have to rely on the lieutenant's brother's girlfriend's nephew for information on the MEU.

2.     Providing the voice of experience. Family Readiness Assistants know the ins and outs of military living, and possess the knowledge to help other families through the difficult deployment period. In addition to their life experiences, they receive extensive training on the programs and services available to military family and are eager to pass this information on.

3.     Information Referral Services. Looking for a way to get involved with other spouses with children or similar interests? Your designated Family Readiness Assistant will gladly refer you to the endless resources that are made available to military families.

4.     Family Readiness. The Family Readiness Program’s number one mission is to enhance family readiness for the deployment, and does so by creating programs, readiness packets, and social events designed to make the separation caused by deployment a little easier to bear.

5.     A support system. Remember, you are not alone. As military families, we are part of a unique community and in a profound way - we are a family unto ourselves. Any problem you may be facing has no doubt been met and overcome by another family member and the Family Readiness Program provides the means for their experience to benefit you.

Who can become a Family Readiness Assistant?

The 31st MEU Family Readiness Program is always looking to expand its ranks. Persons interested in serving as a Assistant should contact the MEU's Family Readiness Officer. To be a Family Readiness Assistant, the applicant must.

  • Be the spouse of a Marine or Sailor in the unit.
  • Complete Family Readiness Assistant Training.
  • Serve as a reliable and dependable communication link.
  • Foster a sense of community within the MEU's families.
  • Be willing to listen and help other families through difficult times.

Family Readiness Officer

DSN: 623-4990
INTERNATIONAL: 011-81-80-1385-
OKINAWA CELL: 080-1385-7132
EMAIL: Richard.palma@usmc.mil