Deployment Concerns

Family Readiness Deployment Concerns


  • Let family and friends know deployed mailing address.
  • Know who to contact in an emergency.
  • Discuss special occasions.
  • Decide most economical means of communication.
  • Renew driver licenses.
  • Check ID cards: condition and expiration date.
  • In cases of pregnancy, discuss transportation and child care options.
  • Dependent and split pay allotments.
  • Discuss bill payments.
  • Prepare budget.
  • Discuss filing taxes.
  • Discuss direct deposit accounts.
  • How will you handle financial emergencies?



  • Discuss location of documents.
  • Marriage and birth certificates.
  • Insurance policies.
  • Tax returns.
  • Shot records.
  • Social Security cards.
  • Automobile title/loan papers.
  • Passports.



  • Off-base residents: WHO, WHERE, WHEN, and AMOUNT to pay rent.
  • How to buy yen and HOW MUCH yen to buy.
  • Where to pay phone and utility bills.
  • Where the lease and rental agreement is located.
  • The housing agency name, number, and location.
  • Emergency maintenance phone numbers.
  • Know who to contact for appliance repairs.
  • Ensure arrangements are made for move on base.
  • On-base residents: Notify KAB housing for maintenance work.
  • Know where self-help is located.
  • Know how to change the filters.
  • Know where fuse box is located.
  • Know to contact PMO if locked out of quarters.
  • Keep security, ambulance, and fire department numbers handy.



  • During absence, ensure that your spouse is financially prepared to pay: JCI (Japanese Compulsory Insurance) American Insurance Japanese Road Tax (mandatory) due April-May.
  • Location of title, insurance, and inspection papers.
  • Auto maintenance: Current base sticker. Check oil, brake fluid, water in radiator, and battery. Change worn tires or add air.



  • Update will.
  • Establish Power of Attorney.
  • Know location of all legal documents.
  • Ensure papers are in safe, dry place.
  • Prepare a Family Care Plan.

Family Readiness Officer

DSN: 623-4990
INTERNATIONAL: 011-81-80-1385-
OKINAWA CELL: 080-1385-7132