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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

The only continuously forward-deployed MEU

Okinawa, Japan
What's new with the MEU
Showdown in combat town: 2/4 executes vertical assault

By Lance Cpl. Ryan Mains | December 10, 2014

CENTRAL TRAINING AREA, OKINAWA, Japan – For Lance Cpl. Kenneth R. Murray Jr, assaulting a mock urban MORE
'Ditching, ditching, ditching!': Marines complete underwater egress training

By Lance Cpl. Ryan Mains | December 09, 2014

As the fuselage filled up with water, Staff Sgt. Mikal A. Bowman braced himself and took one last MORE
CLB-31 Maintenance Marines keeps the 31st MEU ready

By Cpl. Abbey Perria | December 07, 2014

Over 2,000 Marines depend on these guys: few missions are possible without them. Marines like Cpl. MORE
CBRN Marines suit up for the 31st MEU

By Lance Cpl. Ryan Mains | December 05, 2014

For Lance Cpl. Andrew Jackson, entering a building with an unknown, possibly harmful chemical MORE
The Hospital Corps’ top doc

By Story by Lance Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei | December 02, 2014

There were an estimated five thousand casualties suffered during Operations Enduring Freedom and MORE
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