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Officer of the Day: 315-623-1884 (cell: +81 090-6861-7988)

S-1: 315-623-1203

S-2: 315-623-1791

S-3: 315-623-7248

S-4: 315-623-1630

S-6: 315-623-3146

Disbursing: 315-623-3136

EOD: 315-623-1632

MP: 315-623-3155

Engineers: 315-623-3115

Maintenance: 315-623-3112

Motor Transport: 315-623-3124

Supply: 315-623-2620

Landing Support: 315-623-3156

HSS: 315-623-3152

If you need to contact the CO, XO, or Sergeant Major please call the S-1.


Dialing Instructions from Japanese Phone to DSN:

Camp Hansen (All CLB-31 Numbers) 098-969-(XXXX last 4 #'s of DSN line)


Dialing Instructions from US to:

DSN (Military Phones): 011-81-611-7(XX-XXXX last 6 #'s of DSN line)

Japanese Cell Phone: 011-81-(area code without leading 0)-XXXX-XXXX (example 001-81-90-9957-2716)

31st Marine Expeditionary Unit