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Okinawa, Japan
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31st MEU "In the News"
Archive: October, 2014

31st MEU Marine goes back to his amphibious roots on the USS Peleliu October 23, 2014
A Dark Horse bond like no other: Grandfather, Grandson serve in same Battalion 50 years apart October 22, 2014
Strengthening ties: CLB Marines clear path at Philippine Marine Base October 10, 2014
Top Philippine and U.S. Military officials celebrate together during PHIBLEX 15 closing ceremony October 10, 2014
Corpsmen set up shock trauma platoon during PHIBLEX 15 October 9, 2014
31st MEU Marines visit Bataan Death March Memorial following PHIBLEX '15 October 8, 2014
Philippine and U.S. Marines complete a mechanized assault at PHIBLEX 15 October 6, 2014
Philippine, U.S. Military amphibious landing exercise unites brothers October 6, 2014
Philippine, US Marines sharpen Amphibious Operations during PHIBLEX 2015 October 5, 2014
FASTPAC and the 31st MEU Reinforce Embassy During PHIBLEX 15 October 3, 2014
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