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Okinawa, Japan
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31st MEU "In the News"
Archive: March, 2008

U.S., Indonesian sailors and Marines give new face to old Javanese school March 15, 2008
Coin Ops in the Jungle U.S., Indonesian Marines practice counter-insurgency operations March 12, 2008
Sniping 101: Rounds down range U.S., Indonesian Marine Snipers Practice Shot Accuracy March 11, 2008
Dragons make Balikatan ’08 successful while honing proficiency March 8, 2008
“Nightmares” from VMA-513 go the ‘Extra Mile’ in support of Exercise Balikatan 2008 March 1, 2008
31st MEU provides humanitarian assistance for local Philippine community March 1, 2008
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Maritime Strike Force hones urban training during Exercise Balikatan 2008 March 1, 2008
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