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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit


31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

Rehearsed. Relevant. Ready.

Okinawa, Japan
Commander's Vision

The #1 Crisis Response Force in the Indo-Pacific

VISION: The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) will READILY address the needs of the Geographical Combatant Commander (GCC) – always Ready to Fight, and Win. Mission success is defined by the 31st MEU’s direct contribution to regional stability through the support and defense of our allies and partners, and ultimately our Nation.

REHEARSED: Brilliance at the basics is the core of the 31st MEU’s foundation. Progressive training culminating in deliberate live fire MAGTF events will develop and instill confidence in small unit leaders, inspire unit pride, and ensure core competency. Technical proficiency and by the book care of our equipment will ensure the highest levels of material readiness. Combined Navy/Marine Corps exercises will forge a unified and unstoppable Amphibious Task Force ready to address the dynamic and uncertain environment of the Pacific. 

RELEVANT: The 31st MEU will prepare for maneuver warfare through the guides of centralized command with decentralized control.  Entrusted small unit leaders possessing sound decision making ability, “boldness, initiative, personality, strength of will, and imagination,” are central to the adaptability and flexibility of our Maritime Crisis Response Force. Capitalizing on our diverse skills, unique MEU capabilities and small unit leadership, we will explore new approaches to accomplishing our evolving mission. The 31st MEU will innovatively seek opportunity to seamlessly integrate into the Joint Force ensuring collective dominance across all domains.

READY: The soul of our Warrior Family is Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Esprit de Corps. Purposeful leaders will inspire a sense of self-worth in subordinates and focus on unit resiliency resulting in physical, mental and spiritual toughness. The life blood of our Combat Organization is the individual Marine and Sailor. We will Sharpen our Warriors because they are “The Cutting Edge.” Our dedication to God and Country, our fellow Marines and Sailors, and our precious families will focus our minds and keep us pure of heart.

Col. Robert Brodie, USMC
Commanding Officer, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

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