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Combat Logistics Battalion 31

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Okinawa, Japan
Commander's Vision

Combat Logisitcs Battalion 31
Commanding Officer's
Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Statment

Unique challenges to military family life are created by our extended absences, frequent changes of duty stations, and recognizing that our chosen occupation may put us in harm’s way at a moment’s notice. Our challenges are further complicated by the fact that we are stationed in Okinawa. Away from our normal support networks and adjusting to so many unfamiliar events.


As Commanding Officer, I am responsible for ensuring the Marines and Sailors of CLB-31 are trained, equipped, and prepared to successfully execute any mission assigned. This is called our operational or unit readiness, and it is unequivocally my highest priority for the battalion. A big part of our operational readiness, is personal and family readiness. Family readiness means our families are prepared and equipped with the skills and tools necessary to successfully meet the challenges of today’s military lifestyle.


Without exception, every individual Marine and Sailor in CLB-31 is responsible and accountable for their personal and family’s readiness.  Collectively, our goal is to have the battalion comprised of individual Marines, Sailors, and families who are self-sufficient, resilient and stable-able to promote a higher state of unit readiness through their own family readiness. With that in mind, the intent of our Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is to assist our Marines, Sailors, and family members in coping with some of the stresses and hardships encountered in military family life. We will accomplish this through shared effort; focusing our resources on the following components:


  • Official Communication- providing and avenue for sharing timely, accurate information.

  • Readiness and Deployment Support- preparing Marines and families for separation during deployments at sea or during training events in Okinawa.

  • Information and Referral- promoting / leveraging available base and communication resources.

  • Volunteer Management- training, supervising, communicating with, and recognizing the contributions of our Family Readiness volunteers.


Peace of mind comes when we are confident in our own ability, as well as the ability of our families, to be self-sufficient and resilient, and to have a support network to help manage life events. For additional information, of if you would like to volunteer, contact the CLB-31 Family Readiness Officer, SSgt Delia E. Gardner at DSN 315-623-3129, (Cell: 080-8367-1856), email delia.gardner@usmc.mil or the Deputy Family Readiness Officer GySgt Angel Ignacio at angel.ignacio@usmc.mil.


Semper Fidelis


 Siebrand H. Niewenhous IV

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps



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CLB-31 Family Readiness Officer

Family Readiness Officer 

DSN: 623-3129
OKINAWA CELL: 080-8367-1856

EMAIL: delia.gardner@usmc.mil